Married With Kids

Im 31 years old and have been married 12 years to my husband who suffers from bipolar disorder. I never wanted to bring kids into the situation but he desperately wanted kids. So after seven years of asking we now have a five yr old and a 1.5 yr old. Things have become increasingly hard to cope with recently. My children love their father so much but am not sure how much I can continue to go on living like this.
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1 Response Nov 15, 2010

I can relate to you I'm 32yrs old and been married 13 years . My husband is also Bi polar, theres time I also think when will the day come that I won't be able to handle it no more. His moods are always up, he wants to argue with me for no reasons, I am SO TIRED OF CRYING and felling the way I feel.I have asked myself what I have done to deserve this? But I know it's selfish of me to thing this way at times since he is also going thru his pain. God I just wish to have some PEACE!! But it's like it will never end cause It does not matter how many time he or I say it will get better there's always that CRAZYNESS coming out to hunt us over, over again. Hey maybe we can exchange emails to keep in touch it seems like we both have similar issues.<br />
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