After nearly 20 years of marriage, some good some not, my wife - whom had a brief relapse after 23 years of sobriety last summer - was diagnosed bipolar. The doctor told her nearly every person with addiction problems he saw suffered from bipolar. Dual diagnosis.
She is taking her meds, though she hates the weight gain side effect (depakote), and is also on prozac. And she suffers migraines so there are the relpax.
I have left my permanent job to freelance, because I am not convinced she can/will attend properly to our young children. Thus there is a financial pinch added to the mix, her meds alone are nearly $400 a month.
She has leveled off some since starting the meds last summer, but the highs are gone as well which were most of the good times. And while she is not diving as far into depression, she still is quick tempered and angry a lot. I find myself just not wanting to be around her. Sad.
Hope this does not sound too much like whining, but this morning I am really tired and needed to be honest about this situation and found this forum. Thanks for listening.
Weary Weary
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I completely understand where you are at.....I have been married 11 years and it has been an emotional train wreak. He was hospitalized twice and has to have his meds changed up every four months. I want to leave, but I have two kids who love him and he has told me that he couldn't live without me.....go figure!! I am in emotional bondage! <br />
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Good Luck!! Meds can help, but's not the cure!!

I was married for 17 years before a bipolar diagnosis was made. be grateful your wife is willing to take her meds, although, I would get another opinion, there are so many good meds now for the disorder. Remember, what it was that attracted you to her, and somewhere inside her is that person. Protect your children...