I Married A Woman That Is Bi-polar

I was married on April 09,2009.Everything was good for a month.Then My wife started accusing Me of affairs,became very possessive & jealous. I would ask,"How could I have an affair......if You are always with Me?"
I remember Her telling Me,She had been in a battered womens shelter.How Her life was so hard,& nothing came easy for Her. Well,I tried really hard to treat Her better than,She was treated by others.
I treated Her like a queen.I did all the cooking,cleaning,& household chores.I fully supported Her in all She did,tried to keep Her fully happy.
There were times in the apartment complex,where We live......When She would come to telling Me,there were rumors being spread about Me.I disregarded them,who cares what people think of Me.
We have had our ups & downs throughout the marriage. Then Her family Started calling a dozen or more times per day.I dismissed as no big deal.We had arguments & disagreements.
I figured We had a normal marriage,& everything was fine........Until one day,I had a neighbor pull Me aside to tell Me,about My wife spreading cruel rumors throughout the community about Me,& other people.He told Me of Her past relationships,telling Me to be careful with Her,handle the situation with kid-gloves.
Well,I didn't know what to do.I briefly confronted Her with these accusations,She made it sound like She was a victim,even going as far as crying.I dismissed them as false propaganda,& lies.
Well,things went to normal for a few months,then there would be problems again,then things would go back to normal.Then the spring of 2011 came.We started having problems,it got to where She would drive Me out of the house,I needed to get out & go for a walk to get away.
The accusations of Me having an affair got worse.She accused Me & others of trying to commit Her the mental hospital.Her family called even more.
Her father get sick,We spent the summer of 2011 taking care of Him.It put a strain on Our marriage....We tried to keep Our marriage together.What I didn't figure into the equation Her family working to split Us up.
Her daughter having a miscarriage,& losing Her husband in an accident.I thought of it as just a misfortune.Well,Her daughter wanted to have My wife stay with Her for a while.I thought nothing of it.More episodes of My wife accusing me,& others of trying to commit Her to the Mental hospital. She would lay around depressed,& crying for days at a time.It drained Me emotionally,& physically.
The week before She left,I tried to leave so many times,My wife would always stop Me.My wife,& I sat down one day,I told Her,I had enough of the b.s. Either She would leave,or I would.
Well,She(My wife) decided to go visit Her daughter.On the morning of September 10,2011,She left.I received a phone call from Her telling Me,She was leaving Me,Followed by Members of Her family calling Me threatening Me.I finally had her sister call Me threatening Me with calling the sheriff.My SIL accused Me of all kind of lies,& B.S.
Well,I made the truth known to Her family.They committed Her to the hospital.I didn't hear from Her for a month.Then She started calling Me every other day to check up on Me,until the phone calls became less,& less.
My suspicions were confirmed,I found out what My neighbor told Me about the lies,& rumors was true.About all My neighbors,& I compared notes about My wife.
She had alot to hide.I didn't know She reported all Her boyfriends to the battered womans shelter,& police for rape/abuse.
She always had to make herself look like the victim,She craved the attention.
She is not only Bipolar but also a sex addict,habitual liar,& a thief.I have had about a dozen people that know My wife,tell Me these things,as well as notice them Myself.
There are about a dozen other things,I could put down here...I won't though,as It would take alot of space,& time.
Anyway months have passed.We have talked about getting back together.I have consulted with My pastor,& have had the church praying for the restoration of Our marriage.I don't believe in divorce.I want My wife,& I to save Our marriage.
I love My wife more than anything in this world,regardless of all the pain She has put Me through.
My wife has been with Her daughter since September 2011.I call My Wife once a week to talk to Her.The conversation only lasts about 10 minutes.Yesterday,I called My wife to see How "Mothers Day" went for Her.She was very secretive.There was alot of hesitation in Her voice.She told Me,She needed more time,I have heard this for about 2 months.Lately,I have questioned Myself,
If My wife & I don't get back together,where do I go from there? I will be crushed.

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1 Response May 17, 2012

You might be crushed... for a while. But keep in mind that life does go on, and you have to do what's healthiest for you in the long term. I'm in a similar situation, but I'm not married yet. I refuse, partially because I think I can see where this is going. And as loving as a bi polar spouse can be at times, it comes with alot of unjustified abuse. I think I might need to move on myself... tough, but I don't know if I can take it for a lifetime. I grew up with a schizophrenic mother, and that was hard enough... I need something simpler than this...