I Married a Bipolar

when i first met my husband he was a happy man with lots of dreams . he was in med school studying to be a doctor . we  got married and then we argued everyday about spending money. after about a year , he became depressed .then he became paranoid  then he went into depression for about 2 yrs with some manic episodes in between . but i had no idea he was bipolar. he was not working at that time and did not have health insurance . after asking around for help , i found a free organisation that offers free help to people  with mental problems . he was diagnosed with depression . as soon as he started taking antidepresants he became high . and thats when i realised he was bipolar . he goes on a shopping spree . spends around thousands and thousands of dollars in a week.

i still love him , but its so difficult sometimes . i am a fulltime student , who works partime. i live with my inlaws because we cannot afford anything till i graduate. they are nice people.

every day is a challenge . it takes lot of courage and love to live with people with mental illness .

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I was in this situation. If they are compliant with meds, then give it your best shot. However, Please Listen if they do not. LEAVE IMMEDIATELY!!!!!. They Will make U crazy with them and miserable, especially if you have kids. Save yourself

I was married to someone who was a manic depressant and it is a very challenging way to live for the other person<br />
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My husband was a compulsive shopper online, chalked up huge debts and then ran away leaving me to pick up the pieces and debts<br />
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We never had children, as much as I wanted to, I held back as I could see there was no room for a child with the constant love and attention he needed, he would get very jealous each time I spent time with my parents let alone a child<br />
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In the end I could not take it anymore, I felt quite empty inside being married to a man who was unable to love me but demanded a lot of love from me.<br />
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We were often arguing for no apparent reason, often felt like I was walking on egg shells living with him never knowing when he would errupt in anger about something I had or hadn't done<br />
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My life was a nightmare and now I find myself trying to rebuild my life<br />
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All because I loved the wrong man<br />
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Marriage is about partnership and compromise, working together being married to someone who is depressed you will never be able to have a peaceful married life and in the end it will destroy you.<br />
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Walk away while you have the chance

Im in so much need of help!! My wife is just too much for me, I dont know what to do, or how long more i can last..Anyone help?

I have bipolar and am seeing someone, who cares for me greatly. His attitude is 'take it one day at a time'. I recently lost my well paying job due to a manic episode and this put me in rather bad financial way. I'm living with my mom and brother and hardly have a cent to my name. That doesn't help it adds to the frustration yet the man in my life sees me. He cares about me and appreciates me. Most day lately I have downers when I feel low and it's hard to get up in the morning even though there seems to be no reason. I long to be married I long to be his wife and even a mother but the reality of the ups and downs of bipolar are heavy considerations to that dream.<br />
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I really want to encourage you and thank you for supporting your husband. As a sufferer of bipolar it is a rare thing when we as sufferers are loved and supported by our significant others and your commitment and story gives me hope. thanks

It certainly is difficult living with someone with mental illness. You must have a lot of courage and love for this man. Thank goodness for your in-laws supporting you and your husband. I hope he complies with his treatment so the highs and lows are fewer. All the best to you, and I wish you success with your degree.

My wife has bipolar and we have 3 kids but its so hard unless everything is going perfect.As the years have gone on dealing with her has some how broke me down as a human never being able to satisfy her.There is always something.And finally Im broken useing drugs,drinking,and smoking cigarettes every day just to numb the pain......she even had me arrested because in her mind she really believed that i was having an affair! witch cause me to lose my job...but she works and constently reminding me im a worthless drug attic who is fat and nasty. yes it makes me cry all the time and i consider my self a tough guy well i got no more fight left.......but some how I believe With gods help i can rise again to be the father my children deserve!