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My wife is bipolar. She can not work because of the side effects of all her meds. She is also constantly dealing with one physical issue after another. For the last few years it's been chronic bladder pain. Not to take anything away from what she's going through (because I've been there through it all for more than 10 years) but some times I feel like my entire world revolves around her medical issues. And that world feels small and lonely.
ludix ludix 41-45, M 3 Responses Dec 30, 2013

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Small and's very difficult not to have self-pity when that's exactly what it feels your life has become. Is this what my purpose in life is? Controlling and extinguishing the inevitable reactive emotions of either anxiety and fear or depression and complete loneliness depending on the moment?

I have a neighbor friend his ex wife,same problems,they live together for the sake of kids,but he's kicked her out a couple of times,she comes back because not even her own family can handle her,but her ex husband is to kind and takes her in again,you must really love her,that's a lot to handle,sorry you have to live this way.

I am right there with you. My wife takes a ton of meds and I never know what type of mood she will be in. Her spending is out of control which i constantly have to monitor and not to mention the unrealistic plans she makes. I feel like I am constantly dodging and cleaning up after her and it is lonely and frustrating.

Yes! The spending and unrealistic plans go hand in hand. There's always something that we have to do right now. It can't wait. There's no time to save money for it. (if we could even actually save any)

Wow! I can really relate to having to do things right now. They absolutely cannot wait. I call them "bipolar emergencies," but the two people I know who are bipolar adamantly disagree with me and give me all of these reasons why something has to be done, or bought, or whatever, right this second. Very frustrating!