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I am 15 years old and my boyfriend is 17. We have been together for 5 months, and I know with just this information you probably believe me to be a naive girl who has no idea what love is. But I really do. I didn't used to believe in love, but then I met him. We were best friends for a while, and I never thought I'd love him like I do, but he knew all along that he wanted to be with me. We've talked about marriage and children and our future, but I don't tell my family and friends about this because I feel they will just see me as naive and worry about me. He'll be going to college in 3 months, and I don't know quite how to handle this. At first I was so negative about it. I never thought it would work, of course I wanted it to, but I was preparing myself for the worst. We've discussed it and he says that he would wait 4 lifetimes for me. I believe him. I love him. And we'll be getting married in 13 years, once we both finish college and grad school.
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I'm 16 and my boyfriend is 16... and we're exactly like you. We think we're going to get married in the future and talk about it, our kids, everything, all the time. I really hope it works out... best of luck to you too :)

You are not naive! I was thinking like that too at an age of 15 and I still do.<br />
I believe in soulmates .. I even thought I met mine some days again while being on a holiday.<br />
We had this thing together .. but now we are apart from eachother again .. He lives in the UK and I in The Netherlands. Plus I don't know if he's looking or aiming for a relationship like I do ..<br />
<br />
Life's though. I wish you so much luck!

Same thing with me but now we're at the 2 year mark, we're almost like married but we're not. This might not be it for you, but it got dull at the 1.5 year mark.

Wait and see - don't make any plans right now - just be grateful for what you have, you will get terribly hurt if it doesn't work out.. Things change so quickly, especially when you discover what love is really about. I wish you all the best!