Going To Marry My First Love Soon!!

i dont believe it that we are going to get married soon!! i havent seen him for 6years!! he has a kid and me too!! ITS starts like this
da first time i meet him i was 13ys old and he was 15yrs, we meet us at bushbaby club in kenya, i wanted to play billard and then he cames and asked me
if i would like to play with him!! i said ofcource why not... next day i went to visit my friend and there he was again"""oh JESUS i thought we watched film after dat i asked my pal if this boy has a girlfriend and she said no:: after weeks he became my boyfriend i was very happy every minutes we spend together but then my mum told me we have to go Germany and stay there for good...1,2,3yrs we spend time in germany then we went kenya for holidays i meet him sometimes but then we broke up !!
i started new with my life but i couldnt forget him i did hav his number where i could call! with 21yrs i get pregnant i decided to get da kid !!
as my kid turn 2yrs i found my first love through facebook and at this time i was solo and i asked him if he still loves me he said yes u know that ill always love u my dear.  then i asked him will u still want to marry me as u promised  as we were young?? then he started to tell me about her ex-and that they have a kid too!! but they broked it was i long story and we decided to get marry this year this month and iam sure his da one i have waited for i love him since da first day have seen him and iam sooooooooo happy why waitting when the right one said yes he does??!!!

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Did you guys ever get married?

german is better for me hope u pple u can read it gd!!