Forever Love

I was only 17 the first time I saw my Al and he came to a small town call New Cuyama where I was working and at that point I had no Idea that he was the one for me. I was him that day and just talked about what I was doing and gave him some coffee and then he was gone. One night when I was 23 years old I went to a place in the town I moved to and He was setting at a table in a night club and I don't even know who he was and he asked me to set down with him at a talbe and I did. We danced and after the night was over he was gone again. At age 26 I saw him again and he stoped me by the side of the Road and we had been married to two time both of us I was at that point ready to divorce the second husband and he was not mairred at that time. We started to talk and he said that if I ever need him that I could find him. Just about three days later I found him. I call him he came over three he gave me a ring and 8 monthes later we were married and we have not been apart. 10 year after our first marrage we were remarried. We are 19 years different in age but it workes. He is 57 and i'm 38. I love you Al and always will.
alsangle alsangle
36-40, F
Jan 29, 2008