Not Many True Christians

A lot of people claim to be Christians in America. Christianity has serious meaning to it. A person is not a Christian because they go to church. Many preachers are teaching people to just go to church. A church is just a sanctuary building but the Christians are the body of Christ. Going to church does not make you a Christian no less than a man that swims in the water makes him a fish. A person must be connected to the body of Christ by the power of the Holy Spirit of God. Once a person is connected, they will affect the outcome of what is going on in the earth. Church should be as a base or foundation for Christians. A church is not called only to sing, dance and talk about Jesus. A church is also called to be a witness. When someone chose to be apart of a church, they chose to be apart of a living organism. A church is not a dead religious function that a person attends on Sundays. When Sundays are over, the people that suppose to be true Christians continue to drink, curse, commit fortification, lie etc.

      Doing those things does not make a Christian any different from the world. The church is design by the word of God to produce kind after its own kind. In other words, the church should be helping people to become like Jesus. A Christian has to consider their self a child of God. God could not have an offspring that does not become like him. Christians should be as a brother or sister to God’s son Jesus. The bible says (in the book of Acts Chapter13) that people were first called Christians at Antioch (city). They were not called Christians because they joined a religion, gospel ministry, nor a church. They were called Christians at Antioch because the people that did not know Jesus had seen the witnesses of Jesus and said “look they are acting like that Jesus, they are talking like that Jesus they are walking like that Jesus” (The book of Acts). They had the characteristics of Jesus Christ, so they were called Christians. Furthermore, to be called a Christian in the past was not a word of praise or a complement. To be a Christian was a strange doctrine in the bible days.

      Taking on the characteristic of Jesus is not the mind set of most Christians today. America is established as a Godly Nation (In God We Trust).

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Its so true to what you write, I was led by the Holy Spirit to my current church and at first they were happy with the Sunday service which had to end by 12 noon and the Wednesday Bible Study which included dinner. I was new so I figured they would need time to get to know me since I was the only black girl there and the majority of my church is older whites and Latinos. So for the first two years I did just that and gave them time to really get the "feeling" of me and it was during this time that God gave me some really good ideas for my new church to reach out to the neighborhood. My church is surrounded by 3 projects and an upscale part of town so it didn't shock me that they didn't want to go into my neighborhood or any of the others, but over time I started to get frustrated and that's when Holy Spirit prompted me to stay and not give up. We got a new Pastor and she started to motivate people to get out of their comfort zone and I saw where they started to come to my neighborhood and do alot more outreach!!! But I said all that to agree 100% with you that church is more then a place to come and eat and listen to te word, its a place to come and renew ourselves for the task at hand. We come to church renew our strength and go back out on the battlefield!!! We are in a war and time is running out! Keep up the great work. Lily

Execellant story!!!!!

good point !

You are right! There is more to God than just going to church. God knows and sees everything. He wants a real personal relationship with his people. The reason why people dont believe is because they see the life that wanna-be Christians are living and their lives are not lined up with the Word of God. People dont know the real truth about because man has changed the facts to their own desires,but God does not change. We are suppose to be spiritual minded people becoming like Christ. Carnal Minded people will never know God. People will never understand the Bible unless they be born again and filled with the Holy-Ghost. You cant make it to heaven without.

you should run for pres. the country would be better off