Puritians? Christmas?

The Puritans insisted that Christians should live a Godly life. The puritans also believe that Christ is the head of every church (Wikipedia; Puritans). The Roman Catholic Church persecuted the puritans because of their belief. Puritans traveled to the New World (America) to escape the persecution (Comeaux). Puritans also stood on the word of God even when others got deceived with pagan holidays. One pagan holiday that the puritans was against was Christmas. Pagan holidays are now being accepted to most Christians today. One pagan holiday that is celebrated among Christians today is Christmas. It is very strange that a day that is so important to the Christian religion that is not talked about or mention by Jesus, Peter, John, Paul, Matthew, Luke, nor Mark. The word Christmas is not written in the bible anywhere. Robbers get excited during Christmas. Depression is on the rise. Parties are going on and crime is on the rise. People are also getting in dept during this time. Where did it come from? What is its Origin? Why it necessary for the church or is it necessary for the church? Should we know or should we avoid and run from the truth. Should we abide in ignorance and desire something we like? What does God think about Christmas? How does God feel about this? What does he think of this day that is esteemed so highly in the world as something he is pleased with? Is he happy about it? We are told he is. Have he stated that he is pleased with Christmas. Are we sure or does he frown upon it. God’s word says that “no lie is of the truth”. God has not called us to cultivate our own religion that we believe, form our own thoughts and form it to what he wants. Christmas was not allowed to be celebrated in America during 1659-1861 because of the pagan background. Christmas was not celebrated until the 14th century. Early Christians and Jews hated this pagan holiday. The word Christmas comes from the word Christ-mass which was formed by The Roman Catholic church. People worshiped the trees. The Christians should know that they could not serve God with fables lies or fake belief because god says that we should not be involved in it (Jeremiah cha. 10). God says, “You shall know the truth and the truth shall make you free”. The Bible says “that which is highly esteemed among men is an abomination in the sight of God”. It is so important that people should not add nor take away from God’s word (Revelation Cha. 22). What makes a church free is by knowing the truth. A lot of people do not want the truth. Many people are just deceived by false church doctrine. Preachers know it is a pagan holiday. Churches know it is there. The preachers know it because they went to seminary. They know what is written in the bible and they also know what is popular. The preacher knows what people want so he allows these things because he does not want to lose members. The sad part about it is when someone comes to tell the truth about God’s word, people will think that person is a lie.
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Forgive me if I seem obtuse. I'm not disputing the historical accuracy of your point, but isn't this a thread for stories of people who married their first love?

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....Checking your stuff through Wikipedia - very thorough. Very deep. I was checking up on some of the minutiae around the synoptic gospels and I learned that "Augustine of Hippo was like that fat Mrs. Barth in first-period english." I can tell you're a true theologan.