Together Forever, Partners In Life...

My title...a line from our wedding invitation to family and friends. It took us 7 years to finally get married...not because we didn't want to, because as fate would have it, we had to fight and prove that we should be together. We met at 16, he attended my High school for a school year. I am from California, and he was from Germany. We started off on the wrong foot, each too stubborn to admit that we liked one another.

But after some time, we became good friends and from there our love blossomed. There was never a day that we did not talk to one another, never a secret we kept, we learned so much from each other in just 9 months...and then we remembered he had to return home. Back to Germany he went, while I stayed behind the each object in my home, church, city having some sentimental value to me. Everything had a story, he sat in that couch, he played that game with me. We kept in touch, always comforting one another that some day we could meet again. And for 7 years that's exactly what we did. Against the advice of some of my family members and some of his, we didn't date others, we were young but we knew this was too good to give up. We took turns visiting, we traveled the world together. We created memories when we could, all while still completing our goals.

He finished school and I have a few more months to go. And so we started the process of the fiance visa, we had to ask the government for permission to get married...after a couple of months we got our reply. 90 days...thats how long we had to plan our wedding...we finally did it! Dec. 11th, 2010 I married my first love, my only. And everyday we make sure to remember the lines on our wedding invitation...

Years ago when they were young,
Two lovers were brought
together as one.
Now and forever, partners in life,
come celebrate with them,
as they become husband and wife.

Every day is a celebration for us, we look at one another and smile knowing that he will forever be my husband and I his wife. :)
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I met my wife in Hong Kong way back in 1992. We had a long distance relationship and I did rack up the airline miles. We were married in 1997 and we are now spending our 14 year of marriage and 12 years of being together for I hope the rest of our lives.

Thanks to everyone. Thank you Misselodie, lol..yes I am all over the LDR groups. I wish I had found these groups when I was still in one, but I like being on and at least answering from my experience. My blog is entitled Fate or Luck: either way, we're living it to the fullest...<br />
Yes, we currently had a lot of luck on our side. <br />
Sending a little luck your way!

I think I've seen your comments around the LDR group. You seem to have a lot of luck on your side to be able to marry your first love. It's almost like a fairy tale! I felt pretty good reading your story. Maybe I'll have my fairy tale ending someday too. :D


This is a nice story :)