I Married My First Love...

...and it didn't take a piece of paper from the government for me to believe it.

Being with K certainly wasn't my first relationship. I'd been through several, and they usually started out seemingly alright then took a swift turn for the worse. I went the whole legal marriage thing with the wedding and the dress and the stupid marriage license. None of it worked. It didn't work because of one simple fact: I WAS NEVER IN LOVE WITH ANY OF THEM.

K is the first person, and only man, I will ever and have ever truly loved. I knew it before I ever met him that we were meant to be together, and we sealed our dedication in marriage under the eyes of God through planned sexual union for this very purpose. From that first moment, we have been man and wife, and for this reason I say I married my first love.

He is my first, last, and always.
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think first loves are the best for me we shared so much and the others sense her daeth have just never worked aslike someone else said it seemed right but then they want you to change but have no interest in following thought with what they said<br />
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My feeling is that when one falls in love, it's with the PERSON, not their looks. I've always gone for personality before anything else. As far as I figure it, I'm not perfect and I wouldn't expect it of my partner either. ...not to mention the fact that I'd naturally want NOTHING to do with a "perfect" person and their narcissistic attitudes.

I know how you feel. I was engaged twice, but they didn't last long. I dumped them before we set a date to marry. I met M on Nov. 10th of 2001 and Married him Dec. 27th of 2001. He is my first, last, and only person for me. We have been married almost ten years. We have four wonderful children. I am happy for you.

I made the mistake of getting married to a guy that absolutely was not for me, for the simple fact that I was scared and afraid to be a single mother and alone forever. It took a few years before I got myself out of that situation, and I'm glad that I went through it because otherwise I wouldn't have had the balls to move halfway across the country, where I eventually met my One True Love.

It's for that and many other reasons I hold to the "Everything happens for a reason" standard.

Congratulations to you for finding your perfect person, too! I'm sure you had a lot of people say that you were moving way too fast in your relationship, just like they did with mine. I say the proof is in the pudding. I don't think anyone should judge a span of time against another's happiness. I met K online and knew I loved him before we ever met. I couldn't be happier.