First and Only

My husband and I met in junior high.  We were from different schools and met at multi school function.  That was in May and we did not see each other again until late that fall in October.  However we talked on the phone for literally hours over the summer.  So much so my mother threatened that she would start hanging up the phone if "That boy" called again. That was in 1977. 

He was my first real "Boy" friend.  I mean that he was first my friend.  He was a confidant and a fellow troubled soul.  This was all over the phone mind you.  That October in 1977 we met again for our first chaperoned "date" at the county fair.  My mother at a very distant observation point through out the evening.  I kissed him the photo booth!  The most daring thing I had ever done. I still have those tiny black and white photos. He was absolutely the cutest guy I had ever known.  The biggest brownest eyes and at 6 foot 2 he made me feel "Petite" at 5 foot 10.

We had our ups and downs.  Hellacious downs I should add.  But we married in November of 1981.That was when he became my first and only Lover.  A year later he joined the military and I followed him half way around the world.  Now it is 2008.  October 3 will be the 31st anniversary of our first date......November we will celebrate our 27th wedding anniversary.  Thai is if all goes well.  He is overseas in the Middle East some where.  I do not know where, so more than likely we will be apart, and yet together.

The ups and downs are just as high and low as when we were dating.  Perhaps the friendship is a little strained at times because of the continuous separations. Our relationship as husband and wife forever having to renewed and rediscovered.  We are at once comfortable and uncomfortable with one another just as long separated friends can be.

In spite of the separations, difficulties and trials nothing will change the fact he will always be my first grown up kiss, my first and only lover.  My husband.

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Gosh, that's so sweet! I hope me and my boyfriend (we started dating in 6th grade) end up like this, we've taken things slow and have been dating for what feels like an eternity! Now we're in high school and we are both happy having not done anything wild with each other, I think he's my first love and I hope like you he's my last!

This is how I want it to be with my boyfriend:)

That's so beautiful! My boyfriend and I are both 18 and trying to gather the means to get engaged, so many people tell us we're crazy and too young, thank you for sharing your story, I'm so happy that there are real highschool sweetheart stories

That is so sweet. I would to feel that way,so sure about love and so brave to follow my heart. Lucky you for finding love and first time to boot!

That was beautiful I wanted to marry my first love he treated me so well and he was the one but he just drifted off and never called again or came around. Who can do that after cards, letters, roses and everything we meant to one another I wish I had your story this is what I was dreaming about the future and down the road. I met his family he introduced me to his Aunt and Uncle and they had 12 children and I was amazed at the ages and how everyone was, I remember talking to one of his cousins and dreaming how I wanted it to be with him and to get married and have children and be as happy as his cousins. It was amazing a family of 12 and they all broke off into their little circles about 4 groups and talking and how they interacted from the youngest to the oldest it was amazing experience. But like Bob it all went away I am devestated with the loss but I have to find a way to get through it, it was all brought back to me on facebook when we connected again it still hurts me til today.

I luv this story!!!!!!!!! Your love is like my dream! lol I m around 5'9 and i hope i fin my true love who is 6'1 !!!!! lol thanx for the post

For an year later so much has happened. We celebrated our 28th anniversary..apart..but he had a large bouquet of my favorite flowers delivered to my office. Carnations and harvest lilies<br />
Now we are getting ready to celebrate Christmas together. The first in many many years that he will be home for the entire season! We are not decorated for the holiday yet as he had to go on a job hunting trip This will be the first year we have been able to decorate together . Watch out there may be a power struggle over the tinsle duty! LOL

Aww that's the cutest thing I've ever read! I wish I'll be able to tell my story just like yours one day!!

Absolutly beautiful... Im 17 years old and Im really in love with my boyfriend of 2 years, he is my first everything, first boyfriend, first love... and Im really looking forward to marry him someday.

what a sweet story. thanks for sharing