I Plan to Marry My First Love

Many people say, "Don't put all your eggs in one basket." But for those like me, who choose to live by their own rules; we learn the hard way, but it makes us that much more stronger. Back to the story, however. I met my first love by sheer luck on an online video game we both played. We talked for a while and we both realized we had almost everything in common, and our relationship progressed from then on into love. I have shared my first kiss with him, I have been by his side during surgery, and he and I have never had a major disagreement. It's incedible that I found him, because I don't know what would have happened to me otherwise if we hadn't met. I have thought about marriage to him, and it sounds like a perfectly rational idea. We'll just have to see, however...

18-21, F
7 Responses Mar 3, 2007

Aww once again true love is real and not forged or fictitous!

I wish you luck!

Oh my god! You met in a videogame! Wau, is the first time i have heard anyone meets in a video game

that's fantastic =] I met my bf 3 years ago and he was my first - we're still together and are absolutely in love with each other - and have big plans.<br />
I agree with you though.. "we'll just have to see" - you never know what the future will bring. It's good to be devoted but also realistic.

and who cares where u met.. soulmates can meet anywhere...but be sure its the prince and not the frog.. i met my soulmate only once and still care.. now we are back together and after all the realationships,bothof us have been through..i know now he is the only one...

if its really love and u are really sure go for it.. but if its a mistake..bad....real bad.. but if its not... wel.. u just got something more precious than diamonds

THAT IS WHERE I WANT TO FIND MY LOVE, LOL. at least that is where I would have wanted to find a women when I was in high school.