My Soul Mate

Hi guys i married my best friend but had to wait a long time it all started about 14 years ago in school we met and instantly fell in love and were together about 3 years even when she moved schools i kicked up a fuss and moved schools with her all the time though we were told that we were just horny teenagers and it was a puppy love crush to the point where when we left school we just kind of started believing it and drifted apart and eventually lost contact fast forward about 9 years and following a night out with the boys i must have been thinking about her because i drunkenly managed to find her on facebook and sent her a message i woke the next morning to find she had replied and was only living 3 miles down the road we agreed to meet the following weekend and instantly fell in love all over again we have been together 4 years and married 18 months i never used to believe in fate or destiny until i saw her but i now believe that some things are just meant to be
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2 Responses Feb 18, 2012

That's good. That you and your girlfriend got back together and got married and I assume the marriage is going well so far.

Aww! That story is so cute (: I wish you guys the bestow luck!