Against the Odds

I met my husband when I was 17 years old. At the time I was dating a guy in the marines who said that he loved me and I thought I loved him back, but I don't think I ever really did. I think it was the feeling of being appreciated and needed (he had a rough time in Basic Training and I was one of the few who wrote him constantly) and the intoxication of being told that I was loved and wanted. Anyways, it ended badly between me and marine boy and "Bob" was there trying to cheer me up even though he barely knew me. Later on I began to realize that Bob was a really good guy and that was really attractive, so I made my move and kissed him. Thus began a fast track relationship. After 3 months he moved into my parents house with me and helped me cope with a family tragedy. Three months after that, while I was still in school, we moved into our own apartment (against the wishes of some family). Three months after that, right after I graduated high school, we were married, again against the wishes of most of our family. No one thought our marriage would make it and statistically speaking the odds were against us making it past the one-year mark. Now we have been married for three years,have never had a fight that lasted more than 6 hours, have a baby on the way, have purchased our own house and have never been happier.
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That's awesome! Congratulations :)