I Met My Husband When I Was 14 Years Old!!

I also married my husband when I was in highschool. We have been married for 3 years now and He is great. We have three children 2 boys and a new little girl who is 7 weeks old. He is in the airforce and moved all the way back to newyork so we can be together. I love him.
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I wish you two all the best in life. I am engaged to my first and only boyfriend too. I used to think it was best not to marry one's first love but that was before... It works for us, I can't really imagine myself with anyone else - and don't want to! I met him in my senior year in high school 4 years ago and we are still very much in love. His parents actually have a similar story and have been happily married for over 30 years. We are just waiting for me to have my degree and for him to get a better paid job in order to have the cerimony. I'm young so there is time but I confess I can't wait!

That's cool! My husband is my first love too... WE MARRIED FIRST BEFORE I GAVE UP MY VIRGINITY. <br />
I married at the age of 23. My husband was 24. We've been married in three years until now we still in love. No kids yet. But we have wonderful pet dog.

I'm so happy for you!! I'm currently engaged to my first love!! I was 16 when I met him though lol

That's very romantic.I wish you well for the future in your marriage.


thats so adorable im so happy for you and i hope i can have something like that one day, youre an inspiration for all highschool couples that are serious, good luck with your marriage=]

May your blessing abound with your soul mate!

Aw that's sweet.