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I met tony when i was 15 it was love at first sight before tony i was a lonely teen waiting to be rescue from miserable life he bought joy in me life and love in my heart we was married at 18 i love tony with my whole hesrt he stuck by me through good times and bad when i lost my mother i held me all night he carried me through bad times i have never had another boyfriend he was my first and last we was married 29 years so true love does exist i will never love somebody so hard again because you only get one true love on march 8 2012 tony died my true love
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1 Response Apr 12, 2012

I feel the same as you, i met my husband when he was 19 and i was 16, when he was 46 he died in a car accident,<br />
3 years later i still feel that i could never love anyone else, i have never had any man in my life except for him and people just dont understand how i can say that i will be on my own forever even though i am only 47 now. i can not imagine being with anyone else and really dont think i would be a good partner to anyone else

i am sorry for your lost i am glad to find someone who feels the same way i feel thank you it help me today