First Love

 i'm having this mix emotion when my first love happen to be my first boyfriend, first kiss and every first i guess, he came back after 9 years, we were both married, I got a happy marriage but he doesn't have.. and because of FB we had communication again, he wanted us to meet each other and have a chat, I do also agree for I have something to tell him, and yes we do have son, but he passed away, my husband also know it but he doesn't know that the child belongs to my first BF, right now my problem is, after he knew that we had a son, I saw the sincerity in his eyes upon saying sorry... I chilled out!! and a day after we talk I cried and cried... for I was getting unfair to my husband, and my kids...  I  wanted to know if this feelings that i have is only an excitement on seeing him after so many years, or my feeling and his feeling were back again?? 
May 15, 2012