My First Love Went Bad

I met my first love when i was an young 17yrs old, he was 2yrs older than I. We started going out and had fun and fell in Love. We  went out for 1yr and was not planning to marry straight away, but unfortunatly I had very bad health, and was advised if I wanted children I should marry as soon as possible and start my family after the Wedding. So we married and went on a wonderful honeymoon and then we were back to reality. I was still working when we decided that it might be the right time to leave work and rest and get pregnant. Finally after a matter of months I was pregnant at 19yrs. I had a terrible pregnacy and was put in hospital for 8weeks before my son was born. Then the birth was not good either, I bleed like crazy and lots of stitches where my son tore me, they didn't think i needed cutting but my son proved them wrong, what a mess. We were having trouble then it was hard with me in hospital and he at home, he was not trained in the housekeeping & cooking so a few agruments were in store, I finally went home after 6 weeks resting and looking after my son, doctors orders.So finally home and things settled down and we got along again and were happy. I had been told not to get pregant again for 5yrs but due to his selfishness I was pregnant when my son was 1yr3mns so again i had a had time. My son was hurryed along by the doctors and was born a month early I was in labour the day before my first sons 2nd Birthday. I was told by the doctor that my next son would be born on his brothers birthday, but he had other ideas and was born that day, what a surprise the doctors thought he would not be very heavy because he was early, but again he surprised the doctors he weighed in at 7lb15ozs he really looked like a skinned rabbit as he was long but not much fat. My Husband got in trouble with the police while i was pregnant and in hospital again. Quite a few arguments and being beaten too, he first hit me when i was pregrant(8months) with my first son. He was dissapointted that i didn't have any girls and that was my fault too.When my second son was three months old it was the end. he punched me in the eye and burst every blood vessel in it,so i left went home to Mothers to see if we could work it out but he refused to go to any Therapy or see a Doctor about his hitting me. So it was totally impossible i could not live with that, being beaten for no reason and he did not have drink alcohol at all he just lost his temper and hit me. Also  found out that he had been visiting a prostitute while I was in hospital awaiting the birth of our second son,he also spent too much money which we did not have. I was heart broken but what could I do I couldn't have my sons around him hitting me. So finally after all his refusal to get help I had no choose but to divorce him which after much hoha from him it finally happened, I was free and the judge awarded me and the boys our house and mattainence which he never paid. He also refused to see his sons.So that is it my First Love went Bad, he changed when we married he was totally different I was his slave and was not even allowed to think for myself, he told me who to talk to, and was insanely jealous it was impossible to even breathe Thank God I had the sense to get out. Blacklucy

Blacklucy Blacklucy
Jun 6, 2008