He was not my first "boyfriend", but my first serious one. I knew that i needed to be with him the moment he caught my eye, with his funny haircut and braces. during a few years of short flings with other guys, he stayed my friend and i shared my stories of these flings with him and we would just laugh about how i had the worst taste in guys. the summer before my junior year, i just had a feeling that i knew i needed to try it out with him. he had never had a girlfriend or anything. i had to beg him to kiss me, and once he finally did, my world changed forever. we have almost been together for two years now, and we have been through a few things in our time. we got through them as best we could, and he stood by my side when i made a huge mistake and loved me through it. we are about to go off to college together and im just wondering what it takes to stay happy and in love with your high school sweetheart. i know what i feel for him is 100% real, and i just was wondering if anyone had some insight into what im about to get myself into?
fallintomutalweirdnesswithme fallintomutalweirdnesswithme
18-21, F
Aug 15, 2012