We Meet In High School...

Bruce and I met in high school. He was a year ahead of me but we were in the same English class. I remember the day we first met because he was sitting in my desk (I was a pretty sassy teenager). Anyhow, we sat besides each other for the rest of the semester joking and flirting with one another. One day I asked him if I could call him "mine" and he said yes. Thirteen years later, we are married, have two beautiful sons, and still joke and flirt like we did in high school.
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then you both are truly blessed :)!

Thanks. That's sweet!

I think it is.

I met my ex in HS also but that story is a totally different creature from another dimension O_o... lol!

Yes I better laugh about it cause I've done too much of the other stuff :)

Many of us had that first love in high school but not all of us ended up with them happily ever after like you did. Your's is a nice post to read.

Thanks for your kind words! :)