My First Love Is Still Out There

We met when I was 7 and he was 10 1/2.  He was always special.  He couldn't read or spell but he could paint so beautifully.  I always told him he was a genius.  He broke my heart when I was 19.  We have always been friends though.  He tells me he still loves me and he's single but I don't think it would work out now.  There is too much water under the bridge, I grew in a different direction.  He still lives in the house where he grew up and guess what - he is now an art teacher for the school where the teachers thought he was a dolt.  I feel if I married him now, I'd ruin his life. 
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I'll drive to see his art show on the 21st in Yucaipa at the Vision Quest Gallery on Avenue A. Come one and all - it willbe interesting - he's got about 17 watercolors up on the walls. I will be so proud of him. It would be so great if everyone showed up and surprised him by their presence and with compliments for his show. I'll be there too. You'll get to see the littl old couple who used to roller skate together as kids, date as teens and now we are at an impasse as to what to do. We fell in love when I was 7 and he 11 and that's where it has stayed. So if you can make it - this is the invite! Moxiesurvivor Show is 6 to 8 pm

Rule number 1. Nothing is ever lost, unless you think it is lost. There is ALWAYS a chance.<br />
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Thanks for all of the encouragement. I talked to him yesterday - I know he needs TLC - he's getting ready for his art show in August - will call him again tomorrow and who knows what will happen. He taught me to drive in his 41 Ford coupe way back when. We used to hike all over the place. But, I think it's a lost cause - - - if it is to be it will happen.

that's so romantic! I say go for it, life is too short and you both seem to love each other, atleast give it a try and if it doesn't happen atleast you won't regret not trying :)

You are lucky to at least have a first love...I have never even had one of those. Use your instincts...

I already loved and lost - way back when. We are now 70 years old and I feel we could be great next door neighbors but, I'm too ornery for him. I want to be bossed the way I want to be bossed and won't stand for anything other than that. I'm going to put a pic of him in my pic albums on EP - he was soooo cute! We were so cute together. Oh well, we're not cute anymore = just fat and old. But, the spark is still there.<br />

never ever to late - better to have love and lost then never to have loved at all. He is probably just as frightened as you are and needs some encouragement from. The eye contact, long walks interlocking arms while walking oh so many things. Get your man before someone else does.

Well, for one thing he has never come out and said, "will you marry me?". He talks about it and we discuss it but the question has never been asked and I'm not about to do it. Maybe he's a closet gay and doesn't want to tell me - or???? All sorts of questions pop into my brain. He's set in his ways and is an only child - might be difficult for him to compromise? It will be too late soon - I suppose.

How sad. Why do you feel that way? :/