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Many say that online romances do not work and long distance relationships never lasts. But I proved them wrong. I met my husband online in 1998 and we formed a friendship.We were angsty teens when we first met online. Both of us were depressed with our own set of teen worries. I never really saw him as a potential mate because he was 15 at that time and I was 18 and when you are that age, it makes a big difference. We talked about everything, ourselves, our families, our lifes. We both grew up in very different enviroments and lifestyles yet we somehow understood each other. We constantly told each other "I love you" but to me it was more of a friendly love.

Ww decided to meet in person in 2003 and he flew half way across the world to Singapore from the US to meet me., I was 23 and he was 20. Our friendship had grown through the years and the age difference wasn't so obvvious anymore. When we met, We gave each other a great big hug. The first night was awkward. I am a very shy person and so is he. but the next day, we hit it off just like we did online. It was soe asy to talk to him and I felt myself falling in love. At first I told myself to stop it. Everyone was warning me before he arrived that long distance relationships do not work. One night, we were enjoying the cool breeze by the beach when he said, "Everytime I look at you, I feel like kissing you but I don't know if it's the right thig to do." My heart skipped a beat and I said, "Me too". It was both our first kiss and it wasn't the most perfect kiss but it was the most romantic and the most memorable.

After the first meeting, we spent all our svaings travelling to visit each other until we decided to marry. I moved to be with him and we have been married for 2yrs and it has all been worth it.
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What a nice story , more the exception than the rule I fear , thanks for sharing ...