My Hero

From the moment he told me his name, I wanted to give him my all.
So strong and handsome, young and military.  He made my heart skip a beat.
My poetry came alive.
23 years later and I still feel the same.
I Love You, Timmy.
roary roary
41-45, F
8 Responses Jun 7, 2007

I'd LOVE to flirt with such a lovely young lady<br />
<br />
Lemme say upfront that, tho I'm 64, I go to gym 4 times a week & often go on 90-mins walks - like the beautiful walk home from<br />
<br />
& each time I go clubbing, I'm the only guy dancing with big circles of teens/20s/30s girls - who love being photo'd with me & trying on my cowboy hat<br />
<br />
I also go to 3 weekly discussion groups of <br />
<br />
& 1/2/3 weekly karaokes. rehearsing for The Voice 2013<br />
<br />
& make good use of Cineworld Unlimited Cinema Card<br />
<br />
& may well invest in AGT Card - viable in nearly all UK theatres<br />
<br />
As for eclectic tastes & interests, I won EP Prolific Author Trophy in just 5 days<br />
<br />
Ever visit Liverpool, Manchester, Chester or Southport?<br />
<br />
How @ Preston or Blackpool?<br />
<br />
Google northwestscene & say what grabs ya, OK?<br />
<br />
OH: Mr Versatile: Man Of 1000 Voices plans 2 hit albums & 2 hit world tours, 2014/15<br />
<br />
Where is ya nearest big city?<br />
<br />

Reina01....I was 18 when we pregnant a month later and married before we had even know each other 3 months. We finished with 3 kids...2 girls and then a boy.<br />
I know we've been pretty lucky, considering we didn't know a thing about each other when we started.

How beautiful and amazing you still feel that way after all these years. It is not heard of as much nowadays. I hope my relationship will be that way too. I do believe.

u cuddle every day? for 23 yrs? wow! how old were u when u met him? how long until u 2 started dating? did y'all ever break up? how many yrs after u met him did u get married? do u have any kids? ^^

That is so cute! I hope my husband and I stay that in love

We constantly tease and joke with each other.<br />
We kiss, hug, cuddle and touch on a daily basis.

and how do you keep the flame alive???

what a wonderful story! very happy for you friend!!