Hmm Me Too!

I married my first love, he was my first adult everything, kiss, party, holiday, circle of friends, everything.... everything I did, revolved round him, the most perfect time of my life, and marriage and all its drudgery brought us down, we were too young, we were kids pretending to be grown ups, with neither of us taking any responsibility for the day to day stuff. eventually we destroyed each other. I still have a wee bit of my heart and soul that belongs to him, and the strange half existence I was left with affected all the relationships I have had since. Now I am at peace with myself and have laid it to rest I am ready to embrace life and all it throws me without referring it back! bit garbled I know but your first love never leaves you, its how you live with it that shapes your future. I may retract this at a later date, when I'm on here without the influence of chenin blanc... but until then....:-)
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5 Responses Jul 19, 2007

ending first love must be hard - i am sure u will find happiness

Wow. I know exactly how you feel. I married my first love. I don't know if this is worse but he is the only one I ever dated. I have never experienced another man. I am 36 by the way. Sometimes, I regret it, especially since we have not been seeing eye to eye on so many levels. Long story... Oh my..

hear hear, well said

i read your story . iam happy.