Still Married to First Love

I married my high school girlfriend and we are still married. We got married when we were 20 years old and will be married 30 years this June. We now have two kids in college that are older than we were when we got married. I have no regrets!

coldinmichigan coldinmichigan
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3 Responses Feb 13, 2009

I met my wife when we were 15 and were in Geometry class together. She hated Math in general and Geometry in particular. I'm still amazed that it didn't put her off me for good.

Sweet! I met and fell in love with my husband when I was 15. I've been with him ever since. We have been together a total of 12 years. Married for 6. I hope that one day I'll be in your shoes.

I always wondered if that was possible, marrying and staying with your first love and being truly happy. My relationship is similar to yours minus the marriage and years together. The fact that it was for you made me feel inspired :]