Met Him When I Was 17

Well, We met when I was 17, and he was 16. He was my first love, and my first. Well, he went to jail when he was 17. I was devestated! He was gone for almost 4 years, we wrote and I went to see him. But, I went on with my life and, got into another relationship. I had a son. When my son was 2 months old, my sons father and, I seperated. Then, I moved 2 hours away. I was so angry that my parents had chosen to move, and I had to move with them. I was talking to my mom one night on the way to the grocery store and, asked her how long will the phone company forward our new number? She said about a month after we move. Then, she asked me why. I told her because, I don't want John to call our old number and, not know where we live now. She said, well he better call soon. So, we went to the store and, came home later that day. Well, that night (weird) the phone rang, it showed up private caller. I usually never answer these, I hate blocked numbers! LoL. Well, I answered and, this guy asked to speak to Elizabeth (me) I told him I was her, and he said he had someone who wanted to talk to me. So, I was like okay...Then, he gave the phone to him. He said, hello. I knew right then, that it was John! I freaked out! I hadn't talked to him in over a year. Well, we talked for over 4 hours that night. He was out of jail and, had been trying to find me for over 6 months. The next day we met up and, it was like we had never lost touch. We got back together soon after and, got married 3 months later. We have had our problems but, it's worth it. Every minute of it. I love my husband more now then ever. I knew when I met him, 9 years ago that this would be the man I would spend my life with. He is my soulmate.  We have been married for 4 years now, and he is the only man for me.

GurLfromVA GurLfromVA
26-30, F
Mar 15, 2009