My Best Friend's Brother...

He was my first real love, but I don't think my 'soul mate'.  We started dating right after I broke up with my boyfriend of 2 yrs.  He had been pursuing me for I then pursued him.  We got married, had a great couple of years; then things went south and he broke my heart.  I still love him, still talk with him, but know that my life would have been so different if I had stayed with him.  He has had a hard life, made choices which were not good, and is now, still, in a bad marriage.  I wish I could help him, but know I can't.  I was always trying to 'fix' him, and still try to do that!  How sad.....but not so for me, as my life took a different direction and I have had a pretty decent life.  Can't complain.   He will always be my first love, and I will always love him.....but know I can't live with him.
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how was your relationship with your best friend after you fell in love with her brother?