It's Been a Good Life

We met when we were 18 married at 19. That was 40 yrs. ago. Still married.

Two children, grandchildren. It's been a good life.


slickfifty5 slickfifty5
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2 Responses Mar 28, 2009

I too married my first love. Then I was widowed 3 yrs later. My whole world crumpled. Too this day I have not found the right man. I think I need to resign to being alone. I was in a marriage for 16 yrs found out he was a *********, divorced. Married again to an ex Marine with head problems, got divorced. I do think I need to be alone now to get myself together. But, I am very happy for you. I always feel a little envious of others who have been married long. Something I will never see. God bless you.

That's great! I'm happy for the both of you! It makes me happy when I hear about couples being together for a long time and still going strong.