Married My First Love

I've had many flings in my life but i never had a true love and my first true  love is living with me for the rest of my life and the story begins. 


I love dunkin donuts, i always grab a cup before i go to work. the dunkin donuts i go to coincidentally has a coffee shop across the, one day the dunkin donuts drive through had a very, very, long line! So i had to go accross the street to the other cofee shop. i at the time did not have a girlfriend. so i went to the cofee shop accross the street and i ordered a double shot large coffee.the person who was making the coffee was a really hot girl. so i saw that she could be a good girlfriend and asked her if she had a boyfriend. she said no and i was shocked. i thought such a beautiful woman should have a boyfriend. so i asked her out to go eat at a fancy restaurant. she said sure. so the next day i took her to the restaurant to eat. we had an awesome time eating and then we needed to leave. i paid for the food (and the bill was quite big) like every gentleman should and then it was time to take her home. she lived fairly close buy so it was a quick drive. so once we got there i opened the door for her and walked her to her apartment. once we were at the apartment, we both said how good of a time we had. so we kissed outside of the door, we went inside the apartment, then into the bedroom. now she is pregnant and we are happily married. we had a few more dates after that first one and they both pretty much played out the same as this first date. i could not believe that i was so lucky to actually score on my first kiss. So now, we plan to make 2 more kids and we hope that they are boys!! So coincidentally i married the person that i first kissed.

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That is so amazing! It's great when the right person just comes along. You have to have a lot of guts to be able to ask a girl out just like that!

How lucky of you to actually marry someone whom you first kissed. Hahaha. All the best in the marriage.

lucky boy!!

I also married my one and only love. I met him when I was 15 he was 25. He took me out,went to the dances with me and even attended my graduation. Its been just over 13 years of marriage and 2 kids later and we still are as happy together as the day we met. He is definetly my other half! Its nice to know others marry their first and only!

That is so sweet! Best of luck to you both :-)

This is unbelieavable!<br />
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Are you serious?!!!<br />
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YOU are very fortunate to appreciate this special person in your life. Even more, that you had the courage to take a chance, and act on your impulse to ask this lucky lady out. So many people have missed opportunities in life.

You lucky Person!!!!