A Love So Beautiful

Love at first sight... never believed it till it happened to me.

I met her at a church activity no less, and I just couldn't stop looking at her!  From the very first glance, I was completely lost in her beauty. We talked, played Cranium in a group together (I got to make a complete fool of myself.. having to pantomime a mermaid… not a pretty sight) and I finally got a chance to ask her out.  She then proceeded to invite me over for raspberry cheesecake at her house.  (score!)


We went to a concert the next day, and I took her to a dance the very next Friday. Before the dance we went out for Chinese food, laughed, talked, and fell in love.  I still remember the navy velvet dress that she wore that night.  I felt like I was on a date with royalty… as if an angel from heaven had come to rescue me from a sad, lonely world.  Her eyes sparkled,  her hair was perfect, and her body was (and still is) simply amazing.  We were engaged six weeks later!  We've been married six years now and life could not be happier.  Two kids, 3 apartments and 1 house later, life is sweeter every day together


She’s seen me through college, graduate school, and every challenge life brings.  She’s everything I ever dreamed of and more.  I still can’t believe she’s real, and I don’t think that I’ll ever understand how I deserve a love as beautiful as ours is.  She completes me in every way.  I will never be worthy of her, but I will always cherish her and be amazed by her beauty.  To love another person really is to see the face of God.

I was always the pragmatic, practical type, so I never believed in love like this... glad to know that I was wrong!

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Wow....thank you for sharing this.

I want to love like that... Congratulations!

Such a beautiful love story. :') Thank you so much for sharing

Our story is very sililar. Met in high school. Experienced undergraduate school, four years of professional school, 29 years of dental private practice, Two wonderful daughters, five wonderful grand children, two great sons in law, and now retirement. We are now reestablishing our relatioship as in our youth. It's great. If Icojld only keep it up as in youth.

Awwwwwwwwwww!!!!!!!!!! I LOVE that! I wish you and your wife to keep your wonderful relationship for the rest of you lives. I really LOVE that story!

wow awesome you both or lucky remmber to laugh and to just enjoy the small thing tell her and him that you love him are her ever day you never know what might happen awesome story

very nice to read the story. always care for her and your kids throughout your life. always share your fealings with your partner and give equal respect and care when ever she need it. love is the one thing which never drains the more you give the more you will get. have a happy life

wooooo, u wanna make me start falling in love.I really love ur story and thanks 4 sharing with us.bye

That is so tremendously sweet.<br />
<br />
After all the sad storied I've read today, that was just what I needed.<br />
Thank you for sharing.<br />
<br />
All the best for years to come :-)

I am very happy for you! Can't believe this had been written four years ago! :)

So, how did you overcome all the evil in our society? I am a little suspicious of this. No one is that good.

i'll tell you a love story.it was a friday night and of course,we had to make sure that everything was just right.there was a wash and dry right up the block from where i lived and i always went there because it was a friday me and the guys were going to be going out that night and everything had to be just right.back then, everything was skin tight as well.well,got all my stuff together and went up to that wash and dry i mentioned.as i walked into that place there was the cutest *** i'd ever seen.well,i stood there for what i'm sure was a milli-second and just stared and i'm sure must have said something along the lines of OOMPH!! it seemed there was this girl in there that was taking clothes out of the wash and putting them in the dryer.well,she must have heard the door of course and turned around to see what had come in.when she turned around and i saw her for the very first time,i was mesmerized.understand something,you are talking to a qualified big mouth and i am never at a loss for words,never.she was the absolutely most beautiful girl i'd ever seen.on top of that,she was cute,intelligent,great *** and a nice pair of you know what.about a 38C i guess they were.it seemed that the washing machine in their house had broken down and her dad did not get paid until monday and so until they could buy it she would use the wash and dry.i spent all the time i could there until she was done and then went home.i was overtaken.in those days my mom was a stay at home mom and by about 4pm or so she'd have everything started for dinner that night.and so we'd sit down at the table and just speak about the day.what i'd done perhaps,how was her day and i told her about the girl i'd met and how i felt.i told her that i'd met the girl i was going to marry!my mother,patted me on the back,and said "good for you,honey" well,4yrs. later i did that very thing.that was 33yrs. ago,in 1978 i was 25yrs.old and she was 22 and i must tell you i am as in love with her today as i was that very first moment i'd met her all those yrs. before.if anything more so because of the different facets of love over the yrs.yes,love does survive all the hardships that can be thrown at you.we have had many,many things occur over the yrs.i've had two brain surgeries,survived cancer.a number of other thing that i'll not speak of now.no matter what love survivedwe have two beautiful grown kids,a grandson we love like crazy.i spoil him when no one is looking.shhh.don't tell anyone i told you.can't let that get out.love IS out there and love does survive.love,a true love,cannot ever die.the person perhaps but not the love.forgive me for an extended story.it is a beautiful story,though,isn't it.with the exception of the kids,there is no one else out that we could love as we do eachother.and now,i'm going to shower and then wait for that pretty girl to come home.

Wow. I am so jealous :P

Sometimes love really depends on you letting go. Perhaps these relationships you all have been through were love but you were too scared to admit it and live it.

Really nice story. Some folks have all the luck, and it's really nice that you are one of those folks. Cheers to you and I hope the both of you can be happy like that for the rest of your lives.

Good for you! Keep your enthusiasm, especially when she has bad days---and with kids, she will! And, yes, do tell her everyday that she is amazing---and that you love her, no matter what.

This...& that too from a bloke...reading it brought tears to my eyes! Makes life all the more worth it,today! Thank you so much for your beautiful story,Dynamite!- Your wife is one lucky lady!

Wow, you're really lucky. Nice to hear stories like this once in a while so as no to completely lose hope or belief in 'love'. =]

I do beleive in true love. I just haven't found mine yet. One marriage, three serious relationships later and still know true love.Good luck in the futureand thanks alot for keeping my hopes up that oneday my true love will come.

What a beautiful story. Thanks for sharing something so wonderful and positive.

that's awesome! you're so lucky. i wish all the best for you and God bless you! xx

I've been married twice, and don't think I've ever found my 'true love'.....your story brings hope that I still might... thank you! and be sure you tell your wife all this! God bless...

It looks like u found ur soulmate and 1 true love...sometimes if we le go the first time... we might never get that personback....glad u are so happy...

This is an amazing story and I'm glad you shared it! I really enjoyed reading it. It makes me feel more hopeful!