Smooth Sailing

My husband and I met my senior year of high school. He was in the Navy and when we first met he thought I didn't even like him. He asked for my phone number and I told him that I had already gave it to his friends and he could get it from them. His feelings were totally crushed.

He said that he knew he was falling for me the first time he called me on the phone. We had made plans for later that week and I was supposed to call him back to confirm. I didn't have HIS phone number yet so he asked if I wanted him to give it to me and my response was, "no, I'm gonna guess..."

I think he was delighted that I was comfortable being myself with him. After two months of dating, he told me that he loved me and my response was, "thanks". I wasn't sure if I felt the same way so I wasn't ready to say it back.

The next month I brought him to meet my Gran who lived 6 hours from me. At the end of the visit, after he passed Gran's approval, I realized that I loved him back. I supposed that anyone I was willing to bring to meet my Gran must be someone I was planning on having in my life for a while.

We had only known each other for about 4 months when he proposed. His ship was leaving in a few months for WestPac which is a six month deployment out to sea. I had commented to my best friend that by WestPac we would either be engaged or broken up. Apparently he had told his friends the same thing. I am glad that it ended up being that we got engaged and not the other way around.

We got married the year after I graduated high school. Those first years were tough. With him being in the Navy he was gone a lot, and we moved a lot too. Four times in one year alone! Now that he has served his time things have settled down. After being married for 7 years we had our first child, and last year we bought our first house. Next month marks our 9 year anniversary, and I cannot wait to see what the future holds for us!
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so basically you got married when you were 18-19?

Wow. That's a fairytale. I don't want to marry my first love but..he's the closest I've come to findingmy ideal. <br />
<br />
Thank God for 2nd chances!

That's so amazing! I want to marry my first love... And I really think I will...

aww im so happy for you...

What a cute story.. I loved reading it.