Had A Crush On A Teacher

When I was about 16 I developed a crush on a new teacher (a fairly young one I hasten to add). The feeling didn't seem to be mutual as I seemed to irritate her and was always asking silly questions on purpose. A couple of years later, after I left school, she was in the same book lovers club as my mum and came to our house for a couple of meetings. Much to my mum's surprise I joined the club too. I didn't really manage to get close to my ex teacher until the Christmas party they put on. She said I was far too young to start a serious relationship with her and it was three years before she accepted my proposal. We're married now and have a son. She's still a bossy old boot and I still irritate her, in other words we're blissfully happy. 

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4 Responses Nov 2, 2009

Wow.. u r lucky to marry ur teacher!

Reading this and i hope that one day i can do something with a teacher i truly love

Hahaha that's such a nice story! I didn't think it would end the way it did, awwww *-*

I find that quite moving, Rugbylover. It's unusual for you to talk like that, you usually talk about rugby or beer. Is this a softer side coming out?