I Married The Ups Man.

I met my husband for the first time when I was 12. He was 14 and reminded me of the lead singer from Green Day. I was in love. He was also dating (as well at a 14 year old can) another girl. So he and I became friends, and eventually we became a little more. He split weeks with his mom and dad and so I only saw him on the weekends, but I talked to him all week. So much that his father took away his phone privileges! Later after dating for over a year the girl that he had been going out with previously spread some pretty vicious and damning rumors. I called him one night on the weekend when he was supposed to be at his mothers house and she basically told me that I was a horrible person and that she didn't want me to call ever again. I was 14 years old. It scared me so much that I called him on Monday at his fathers house and broke up with him. The fact of the matter is that we were way more advanced at that point than a 14 and 16 year old should ever be. So a break, despite how painful it was, was probably a really good thing. I know that people say that kids don't really know what they are doing and puppy love is short lived etc, but seriously? I loved that boy so much that 6 years later I was still driving by his Mothers house occasionally to see if I could spot him. I tried other relationships and nothing was ever good enough. I compared everyone to him.

A little over 3 years ago (I'm 26 now) I woke up in the middle of the night, after having dreamed about him. I found his email and I emailed him. We started talking and less than a year later we were married. Apparently on his way home from work every night he would drive past my house too, hoping to see me. We connected so quickly and found that we were exactly what we had each been looking for.


We were married for two years this past October. :)

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Wow ! We seriously need to talk! I am engaged to my first love we are to be married august 25, 2012. He is a ups driver! We met when I was 14 he was my first love! We dated for a few years but I was never allowed over bc his mom said we were too serious and wanted us to break up and called me horrible names.. Even came to my house and I was scared to death!!!!! We eventually took a break, same as u we both tried other relationships but it was not the same! He had given me a stuffed animal when I was 14 and one night I pulled him out of my closet and cried and dreamt about him, the next day at work I received a Facebook email from him... I almost died!!!!!!!! this is crazy !

I am happy for you, that's a beautiful story! <br />
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You two set an example for so many to look to!