My Everything.

i met my husband when in 03, in highschool, in the junior parking lot. i had seen him, as he had seen me, and even had a few mutral friends, but never met officially. i hadnt had very high regard for him...i was an insecure junior, and he was a cocky sophomore. it was april 4 2003, after lunch, and he came up to me and asked for my number, for a mutral friend. i was excited and gave it to him to pass on. that night he called the first time and the butterflies have never stopped in my stomach...and he never passed my number on. we were married 5years later....april 4 2008. he is my bestfriend, my other half, my "partner in crime", the love of my highschool sweetheart.

chxmix chxmix
22-25, F
Feb 19, 2009