My husband has a co-worker who's getting married. Someone at work was planning a bachelor party for the engaged man at a cabin for a night. My husband was enthusiastically told by another co-worker of the plan to have drinks and young attractive ladies accompany the men to the cabin. Over and over this co-worker would emphasize to my husband how there will be young 22-year-old girls there and prying into whether my husband would be going. In response to my husband's, "No, I'm married, aren't you?" reply, the co-worker says he's not telling his wife. It's sickening to hear about but also comforting to see my husband's disapproval for men like that.

He's so precious in heart, and true and sincere. I don't think I could ever meet a man as pure as my dear lover ever again.
yopu yopu
Oct 4, 2015