Do I Love Or Let Go

My kids dad and I separated for three years and he lived and ultimately got engaged to someone else. We met up again and and decided to reconcile and during the time his fiancee found out she had cancer and I am the one that encouraged him to stay with her and help her through the cancer meanwhile our relationship continued. We had a major blowup and didn't speak for a while and out of anger he decided to marry her. I then found out about it when he came back and we had sorted our issues and as soon as I did I chose to end the relationship. I am ok with the fact that he is married and he bitterly regrets it but cant walk away as the woman still has cancer . I have ended things but he is unable to let go of me. My question is " Can I believe he married her by mistake or is he making a fool of me?
Confused15044 Confused15044
Jul 13, 2010