I Can't Believe It

I always said i wouldn't settle for someone and I would stay single until i found the right person. But i was 25 years old tired of being single and i had this guy always asking me out showing me all kinds of attention which of course i didn't mind at all. Ended up changing my mind and i thought since i probably wouldnt find anyone else that i should just give in and settle even though i didn't love him at all. I loved the attention and etc  but  i wasnt in love.  Now 2 years into our marriage and a one year old baby girl its just made things so hard. We fight 24/7 he still acts like a little kid and i hate every min. being married to him because i really don't love him.  But what happens when you do care for someone and don't want to hurt them and you have kids involved  plus there is still a part of me that doesn't think i'll be able to find anyone else.  I don't believe in divorce and this whole situation is killing me. He really does treat me like crap now that we are married  its pretty much all about him plus he is 5 years younger than i am and he has had 4 jobs in less than 2 years.  Can you ever fall in love with someone when you have never loved them before. I feel like i've been put in an arranged marriage and can't get out.   

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2 Responses Mar 2, 2010

I know it is hard. Try to take the first step of showing love and maybe your feelings will follow. Try this website www.unveiledwife.com/

i am seperated now and i meet lots of new and interesting people i am happy. its not right if he is mean to you and you are unhappy. after 2 years if you still do not love him you never will especially since he is making you miserable. life is too short to settle. you may care for him, discuss how you feel with him maybe. the last thing you need is two kids, he needs to grow up he is a father now. also with the job changing that would be tough on you making you worry about stubility.i wish you the best of luck.