Long Distance Calling

Back in 2006 I lived 1100 miles from where I do now. I was recently divorced determined that I was done with this marriage stuff. I was gonna date and date and date until my part fell off. I had put up a few few profiles online and had gone on a handful of dates (very ordinary ones-no chemistry). When I received an email from someone 1100 miles away. Not a serious prospect. Little did I know. We met after corresponding for two months. I had a trip that took me to her neck of the woods. We had dinner and there was an instant connection. We got together again for a weekend at a spot about half between the two us. Wow!! Then the air fares began to mount. Back and forth, back and forth. We started looking for work in each others area. I found a job first. Moved out to my current location and just a few months ago after living together for 5 years, we were married. I found my soul mate. The love of my life. On line.
jillian99 jillian99
61-65, T
Apr 6, 2012