That's not married the SAME wrong person twice; but made the mistake twice...

My first wife and I swhouldnever have married full stop. Never. We are simply not compatible - three children as a result of it; wouldn't change a thing if time travel was possible and we are friends today. In fact, we probably have a greater understanding of each other now than when married (parted company in 1994)

I got married again in 2007 - a true whirlwind involving two people who had been around a bit, never found the right person and suffered at the hands of others. What we have today is, to all intents, a business partnership. We share a house, she disappears almost every weekend to visit friends, is at the beck and call of family and friends 24/7 and we simply have no life together. Thing is, she's been the same all her life! Puts herself out for others and ignores home. We were paired up by a mutual friend - who really should have stuck to her own life and marriage. Just wanted to see her friends happy I guess; but nope.

No romance, no social activities shared, some mutual interests and here and there I get glimpses of the woman I married; but rarely are we anywhere relaxed and private enough for this to happen. Separate bedrooms, separate lives. And I am convinced she is seeing the guy who was her on-off squeeze before we got married too. He's married; spun a load of yarns, let her down, made promises then broke them. We got rid of him - changed address, changed phone numbers - yet she gets regular texts from him (I don't snoop - but here and there; in the car for example, I just catch the name as she reads one). All that trouble to get shot of the bloke and she has given him her new number. AND she spends a considerable amount of time in his local area too.

Her biggest gripe about her previous relationship was just how controlllig her ex was (not the phone guy; he's only ever been an affair) Wanting to know where she was, who she was texting or talking to... So COming right out and demanding to know why she has been in touch with this other guy again just puts me in the same category. Her ex had reason to ask - so do I; but doing it?? That is a different thing altogether.

So married the wrong person. Twice. NEVER will I consider it again.
hawk2002 hawk2002
46-50, M
Jul 18, 2010