I Am A Bedwetter Married To A Bedwetter

i am 30 f I have allways wet the bed so has my husband we have 3 kids
pattyann55413 pattyann55413
31-35, F
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Lucky woman.

This is great. Bedwetting is best when shared. I wish my wife was a wetter, but I'm on my own for that. But, at least she does understand. <br />
<br />

That is really something that you actually lived that close and never knew each other. When I was in the mil, stationed in cal, I was assigned to a room and my roomie turned out to be a fellow that I knew that was just a year ahead of me in HS. Amazing how things seem to happen. I used to wet too until I went into the service and it stopped almost overnight. I now know why, but thats another story. Do your kids wet? It does have a warm comforting feeling but not many in society understand that.