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I Wish I Had A More Dominant Husband
Okay well here goes... It's a mess... In all aspects of my life I run the show, I tend to get what I want, I work hard and dominate in what is typically a man's career... I guess you could say I have a strong personality.
My husband Is generally loud boysrous leaning on obnoxious some times and would generally be seen as a dominant strong guy... But when it comes to sex he like the idea of me being satisfied by another man... And not because he wants to be with other women... He is a submissive cuck when it comes to sex... Being open minded I entertained the idea for a while and even partook in a few select activities... Now I do not have any problems separating love from sex and had a very good time. Now I find that I am less attracted to him because I feel he has allowed himself to be put below another man.. And allowed me to be with someone else for his sexual pleasure.
I feel the need now to have a stronger more dominant man to own me properly. There are of course more dynamics to this story... I had been emotionally switched off for a long time and the spicing up of the sex life did make things exciting for a while but did not bring back lost feelings. The competition factor did make him super extra nice to me but I don't want someone to be a better person just out of fear. I don't like the idea of manipulating the situation to have him being super nice while I get dominated somewhere else... Weather he knows or not I don't feel it's for me.. I feel I'd rather have one complete package than try to make due with a few pieces. As much a he says he loves me I can't believe that someone who truly loves you would risk your health and your family for sex. I believe if I loved him better he would not feel the need to see me fulfilled elsewhere. I don't think I need an answer to my situation as much as i just needed to share it and if you have insight that is honest from the heart it would be appreciated
wildkittn wildkittn
31-35, F
Dec 12, 2012