I'm a 20 year old and married to an 22 year old army man. My husband and I are from Florida Miami to be exact and recently we came to Miami for the summer. To make this story short my husband & I left to Georgia to his next duty station & two days later he told me out of no where he does not feel the same about me and wanted me to go back home to Miami. So I'm now in Miami & I am so depressed I miss him so much but he seem to not be interested in me anymore but it all happens in a mater of a week. We were first talking about making a family & having a baby and out of a sudden he tells me he doesn't feel the same anymore. I don't know what todo everything I do reminds me of him & just hurts.. Any advice?
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It doesn't sound good. There's a website I read that explains it really well: a person had a set amount of "interest" they can devote to someone. But they can't therefor have high interest in two separate people, only high interest in one or low interest in two or more. If he has low interest in you suddenly it means someone else is in the picture.

What's that website ? & I do think there someone else because he been texting 24'7 and I've seen him text some girl. But I've asked him and he Denies it.

I almost wonder if its man pms time or something idk... its like summer is over and every man just wants to be alone and hide for the winter. My boyfriend of 5 years today out of the blue broke up with me. I seen him last weekend and we had a good time. But when this saturday came and I was supposed to go visit he said no and offered i came the next day. Somehow the whole weekend got shot down and now I am left here with my heart on my sleeve super depressed and just devastated.