"Believe Me,there Are Guardian Angels!"

I Marty want to shorten my true life story of what happened to me when I was six years old,in 1965.Kind of has to do with politics,but not really.In 1965 my family accidentily left me behind in the "Watts Riots," in downtown Los Angeles.One minute I;m holding my sister Debbies hand and the next moment I'm totally alone.Suddenly running around the "Pike" watching people get hurt,I was scared to death.I can remember praying for someone to help me find my family and crying at the same time.When a hand from heaven scooped me up right out of the air and sat me on top of an Army National Guard truck.The smile of my Angel was oh so real,especially when he put me in the back of the green Army truck.After he dropped me off at a hospital and I woke up the next morning in bed with my two sisters I knew there really was a god.And oh yes,"Guardian Angels."
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if ther are gaurdian angels why don't i have one..... why didn't mine save my freind and family? Answer me that.