"Lost For Four Days."

I Marty and my wife Sharon set out for a nice little afternoon 4 wheeling-expedition in Kingman,Arizona up in the Hualapai mtns.I'm a photographer and of course I always have to climb to the top of the highest montain.We lost the trail and I almost lost my mind.I could'nt believe that we were lost.I looked for the trail,but to no avail,it was suddenly gone!I knew when your lost your suppose to stay put,but we were'nt sure if anyone even knew where we were.So we started walking downhill in a dry-riverbed.And I just knew with all of the hikers and recreationalists around these mountains we would see someone in at least a couple of hours.Well,one day went by,then two had just begun.I woke up to ants crawling all over me and mosquito welts all over my face.But,of course my wife was out like a light.As hypo-thermia was making me shake uncontrollably from the 9,000 ft.altitude.I tried to light a fire to warm us up and finally did after about 5 to 8 minutes of continuous shaking.After warming myself by the fire,I was so hungry that I started squishing the ants that were on top of our plastic tube-tent and eating them.After you got used to the acid-taste of them they were'nt to bad.The tree leaves tasted a little better,but the rolled up green grass was the best.On the third day while we were writing our family a "Farewell we'll never see you again note and we'll always love you," on a piece of paper and sticking it on my camera tripod,and leaving it right in the middle of the riverbed so someone might find it after we perish.We continued our walk.Taking turns crying and saying that we were sorry for everything that we had ever done wrong to each other,we found an underhang under some rocks to hide from the sweltering heat.I had been praying everyday that we had been lost,and today was the fourth day.But I was awakened to the sound of rotor blades off in the distance.A minute later as the rescue helicopter had found us,I knew that was my Guardian Angel again.Right after Mike the paramedic said a prayer with us,the rescue helicopter whizzed us home.As they dropped us off in our front yard of our house in Golden Valley,Az then flew away I knew again that prayer really,really works.

My wife and I owe Mike & Terry our lives.Thanks again guys.

dewey159 dewey159
46-50, M
Aug 26, 2007