Spirals, Symbols, Connections

My global mind keeps seeking patterns, is intrigued by mystery, is prone to adventure.  And once you start digging, you find the immensity of the world of possibility, which is nothing short of endless.

But aside from all this, there is something permanent.  Something eternal and always present.  A peacefulness that we can steep ourselves in, if we slow down enough to find it.

It is an emptiness of sorts, but not the kind of emptiness we are conditioned to see.  It is an emptiness full of a richness, an emptiness full of love.  And there is no-thing to fear in this.

And it is this very emptiness that gives rise to all the rest.  To the wonder, the mystery, the imagination, the dreams, and all the stuff of life.

At least, these words are what I can describe of it.

I marvel all the time, at the complexity of such simpleness.
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Thank YOU, cyn. :) <br />
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Thank you for the beautiful. beautiful words you wrote....I could feel oneness as I read this...Priceless

Yes! Hi Numoon -- thanks for your great comment -- one word came to mind when reading what you wrote -- EXQUISITE. Nature is exquisite in it's design. To appreciate this is to appreciate God or the Tao or however you like to think of it. We do have an incredible Universe -- Life is incredible, and our gratitude for it is the key to abudance in our lives, I do think. Many thanks :)

Yes! I think I've always been aware of the magical quality of life. And in touch with the vast inner world, more so than the outer one; but one is merely the reflection of the other, and at a certain point the distinction is blurred and seen as One. It's the paradox of it we have difficulty with, reconciling with our senses, I suppose. It's learning one side of the coin, then the other, then learning to "hold" both at once, as One.<br />
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Yes, words are so clumsy, and at best approximations. They are merely a guide to point to what is real, to elicit a response intended to show us the way. Music, poetry, art, great literature, movement, and nature itself come the closest to showing us our Truth.<br />
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What is beauty but a recognition of ourselves? Thank you for coming to remind me and share.

Ah, Danda, you speak my language! The eternal Tao, the Godhead, the unnamable, the unknowable, unspeakable silent Void from which all phenomenon arise and pass back to.<br />
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I suppose what some have a problem with in "God" as a concept is it gives the impression that God is separate from us, when in reality there is nonseparation. When we find this within and shift away from identification, it all drops away and our silent, luminous center, our Buddha nature, shines through. <br />
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It is what we are, what we are learning to embrace and find our way back to.<br />
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Thank you for your inspiring words! I've been a little lost of late, and what you express, connecting with one who also sees, has brought me back home again. :D

Thank you, unshakable. It's nice to return to these moments and be reminded :) Now I'm off to enjoy some quiet time before my family gets home.. a little gift to myself.

So very true especially the complexity of simpleness.Thank you for sharing.

Thank you all for your comments :) All is appreciated.

The peace in your words is beautiful!

I marvel too, Dee. That pure potential...where already everything and no-thing yet are seamlessly blended together :) I like the way you describe it :)