His **** Loved Being Pressed Up Against Mine.

I was only 16 when I was working in a warehouse. I had long hair and was the only guy younger than 50 who worked there. I was much longed for by these old guys who all wanted to have sex with me. I was straight until I was behind some packing cases in a very large, and dark storage hut. I was bending to pick up some tabs when this old guy who really seem to love me came up behind me and began rubbing his **** on my bum. He thought that I would pull away but this time I didnt. I reached around and felt for his hardening **** inside his overalls. It was the first time I had ever felt another **** and I knew I was making him very happy. He grabbed my hard **** from behind through my jeans and he began to give in to his sexual urges. He opened the front of his jeans and let me fumble round for his ****.

I felt his penis`s skin and then nervously took hold. I wanted to give him an enjoyable sexy thrill and knew that it was probably a long, long time since anybody had touched his lengthening old ****. As I slipped his **** out he was so overwhelmed with me holding it he involentarially  began to **** at my bottom. I was pushing my bum at him and he was going crazy with lust. I felt him trying to take out my **** which was very hard and getting very wet and he tried to turn me around and he began to squat down presumably to taste my ****. But as he did someone came and shouted him and he took off so embarrassed but I bet he wanks off to that memorie every night. I was all he wanted and when he finally got me to go home with him he asked me to ***** to just a small pair of mens briefs and to leave my knee length socks on and a pair of my working boots. He treated me like I was so precious to him and he would ask me to just walk about his house and let him use me how he wanted but kindly and always be so appreciative. 

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I loved that older guys wanted me when I was a pretty long haired boy in my teens. I knew that I wanted guys and wore very tight jeans and t shirts even though I wasn't fem....just a gay boy looking for sex. I used to take a commuter train to my high school and all these married men in suits would press up against me and rub them hardons through their pants against my *** or thigh or crotch. I loved it so much. So much attention made me feel very desired and yes, kind of slutty. It was also a life lesson in what many different kinds of men are really up to in life. To make a long story short, one very handsome married man in his early 30's really wanted me; we met when I got out of school, we made love regularly, he bought me gifts, he eventually showed me pictures of his wife and kids. It never seemed dirty. We both fulfilled something needed in each other's life. I loved him then and although I don't know where he is now, I love him still. It was a very beautiful time.

It was nice that you sucked him Maybe you need more.

i was 16 also when my best friend father touched me he was really hot and he never touched a guy before so he got real hard right away, We were fishing and using his cabin for sleeping my buddy went to town to get some tylenol because he got too much sun and he had a headache so I was alone finishing when I came into the cabin his father was cleaning the fishing equipment and we started talking and soon we start talking about sex, He started caressing my knee and it felt real good then he got into caressing my bulge I got real hot he pull my pants down and he really knew how to caress my stuff , I did the same thing to his stuff he has a nice tool box real big and thick. We never got rectal sex, but we spent long afternoon in his hunting cabin naked and caressing each other hard stick he taught me a lot about sex he is still very handsome for an older man. I spent some time in his house recently he is a widower now he is very sweet to me. And he knows how to caress a **** without making you to shoot your *** right away so the pleasure is unbelievable when you finally do. experience is everything I think


Great story!!!!! Just wish it were me!!! Or better yet ~ me with you!!! :D