Surprise Nude Massage

I have worked has a part time massage therapist now for some the past 5 years,I recently bumped into my ex sister in law,last time I saw her she was not in a good place emotionally but now seemed very happy with her life,she asked me if I still did massage and when I replied i did she asked if I would give her a Full Body Massage has she had recently took up running and needed a little loosening up,I agreed and two weeks later arrived at her door with my massage couch.
After some small talk I prepared the couch and told her I would just go and wash my hands while she removed her clothes I told her to lie under the drapes face up,when I returned she was sat upright holding the drapes up close,I'm sorry she said I cant do this I' so embarressed by being nude under here ,as she new me too well,I laughed and told her it was not a problem,and assured her I was use to people having this feeling but also assured her I would not reveal any part of her body except the part I was working on and at no time would I reveal anything private or uncomfortabe to her,she giggled and replied it would not be so bad if I were nude too,I laughed out loud and told her that maybe a little unacceptable to other members of the family ..pity she replied I wont tell honest,I paused and then replied your serious arnt you ,she smiled no not really im only joking,now we had always got on well so I called her bluff no you said it now and began removing my clothes ..Oh my god she squealed you cant ..but I did and was soon stood nude in front of her .oh **** she shouted I was not expecting you to do that.laughing I told her to lie down and enjoy her massage,I began at herr feet and by the time I had massaged one leg she was far more relaxed and so was I ,we exchanged chat and she was so relaxed she allowed me to massage her adnomen after she roled onto her front ,she requested I do her back next which was ut of sequence to me but i agreed ,and she was soon hmmming and saying how good it felt ,I then asked her if she wanted her gluts massaged she replied yes and I carefully began to position the drapes,to my surprise at this point she mumbled oh dont worry about the drapes,we are both adults and you are nude so just take them away,I asked if she was sure and she said yes,now up until now although nude I had been pretty proffesional and was well in control of all my body,however as I began to massage her gluts I could not help but look at her pert arse ,running had done her good and as I massaged her buttocks I could quite cleary view her arseole and the lips of her ****,I was stood massaging her with my **** now fully erect and as I moved around to the other side of her body I accidently brushed her arm,she imediately realised I was erect and giggled,feels like your enyoying giving me this massage and before I could reply she reached out her arm and gently gripped my ****,hmm she said you are hard ,she letme go and I continued to massage her I soon moved down to her legs all the time finding it hard not to look between her legs I had nearly finished when she spoke again,"I bet you are staring at my *****" I replied it was hard not to and without thinking I pushed my fingers into her *****,oh **** she said quite loudly,im sorry I replied and pulled away,,DONT YOU DARE STOP NOW YOU BASTARD she shouted,still face down she arched her arse up I slid my finger between her legs and began rubbing her **** while my thumb pushed in and out of her ***** and by now everything was glistening from the oil and juices I looked at her small arseole again and with my left hand I gently began to play around her hole she arched some more and I pushed my finger inher hole,her breath became shorter and soon her responses told me she was having an ******,I could not take this any more and pulled her gently down the couch until she had slid off the couch and was stood bent over I pushed my cockinto her beautiful smooth **** and pumped like hell watching my **** thrusting in and out of her ***** her lips gripping until I thrust in has deep as I could and allowed my *** to spurt deep inside i pulled away she finally stood up and looked down at my still rampent **** ,OH MY GOD she exclaimed that was some massage and slid down my body and sucked and licked my **** until I could feeel it building again as I felt my *** rising she pulled back and my *** shot over her small breasts ,she rubbed it into her body,hmmmm she smiled how much do I owe you for that massage,needless to say it was a freebie and yes I have agreed to massage her again.
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You made me think a new way now. I have dreams to have such experiences.

you were lucky

A massage with a happy ending. Wow!

Mmmmmm what a hot story, very vivid. I've done some massages which ended like this, but not with a close family member. It seems you found a safe person to play with. Good luck - be glad to hear the next episode!