New Again...

I have been an online Domme for years. It has been a fun time, no consequence in the sessions so sessions could be as extreme as need be. The idea is the power exchange not strictly the activity. I see the activity as the means to an end, and the way to get both parties from one state of mind to another.
Recently, I made a giant leap into the real world and took on a physical submissive. I felt ready for the transition. I expected that in real-time the process would be much more labor intensive -and it is. I expected the restrictions of the human body to be a downer, and I expected that my new limitations might be slightly less conducive to Dominant creativity.
Boy, was I ever wrong!

I was blessed with an inexperienced but willing submissive of such a humble and devoted nature, I grow in leaps and bounds. I have so much to learn -again, but I am thankful to understand much of the psychology involved. I have had experienced Masters assist in My training, and I study so that I don't make a critical mistake, while playing with the body and life of my devotee.

This morning Wwe experimented with "breath play". I had often imagined taking the breath of My submissive and making him wait to get it back. I held his nose shut and murmured, "do not breathe until I tell you to, you must trust me." He easily held his breath for Me, and as I felt his heart begin to race I pressed My mouth to his and gave him air but held him tightly sealed to My lips as he panted for breath. Wwe shared a single breath back and forth until his breathing slowed to normal and I released him. The rush came after a few breathes of regular air, and his eyes grew wide as I watched him closely.
The rush was so intense -had Wwe been standing it would have staggered both of us-, and the intimacy of the control was pure and erotic. The result was a sudden burst of mental alertness, the thoughts seemed clear and quick and Wwe both had a sense of awe that something so small could complete a circuit so powerful. I love the choice I made, there is no comparison. The physiological and mental effects as experienced online are dwarfed one-thousand-fold by the reality of Domination.

My style is still the same, the loving nurturing Goddess. Dominance isn't always about being harsh, however the whip is pleasant to both Domme and submissive. My devotee has discovered a high pain tolerance, and when I communicated every so often to make sure he wasn't trying to be rebellious, he told me "Goddess, each time you speak to me, you pull me away from the pain, and I love the pain you are giving me." Of course it raised an eyebrow. He wouldn't come away from the pain in surrender -he already had- he had surrendered to the pain. It was up to Me to determine when he was finished. Indeed he loves it. I give his skin a squeeze to determine if he can still feel the sting. When he does the ecstasy in his face warms my heart. Whipping requires a good measure of skill (I am still building this skill) One must watch the changes that occur to the devotee and never push beyond their boundaries. When there is no boundary, One must create one. Overworking the devotee causes bruising that is tender for a time, I have not yet come to the point where I want my devotee wearing compounded bruises.

My words to him? I tell him how strong he is for bending before my whip, How he is MORE of a man to me for his deep submission. I say these things because his disposition requires encouragement instead of humiliation. Some can take verbal and emotional domination and others require a different combination. Intimacy and building up are my specialties... add a pinch of sadistic joy and that is Me. <3

If you try breath play (I don't advise it if you are not "one" with your partner in a very deep way) make sure you are not standing, and be careful how long you share the breath since each time it is passed back and forth the CO2 levels get higher and higher exponentially -hence the rush. You likely won't asphyxiate, but you could pass out, since the activity is so deliciously compelling you might try it for longer periods. Be careful, I think it is addictive.

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that was good advice